Synchronize clipboard between
all your devices!

— Copy on your computer, paste on your Android.
— Copy on your Android, paste on your computer.
— Copy on your phone, paste on your tablet...

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— What is Clipbrd?

Clipbrd is a service that instantly, transparently and securely synchronizes the text you copy into a clipboard across all your devices.

— Which platforms are supported?

  • Any computer that runs Google Chrome (Linux, OS X, Windows)
  • Android 2.3+
  • Not supported yet: iOS

— Why would I want to use Clipbrd?

Here are some use cases:

1. Copying website URLs, so you don't have to type them on touchscreen keyboard.
2. Copying one-time passwords (e.g. from Google Authenticator), so you don't have to manually type them on your computer while looking at your phone.
3. Copying long text messages that you've typed on your computer to send them from your phone.

But generally, our service is designed to be as flexible as the idea of clipboard itself. We can't wait to hear all the exciting ways that you'll find Clipbrd useful!

— How does Clipbrd work?

You select a piece of text on your computer, copy it with Ctrl-C / Cmd-C or via context menu, then paste it on your phone/tablet using long tap on any input field.

You can do the other way around, too - copy some text on your phone or tablet, then paste it on your computer.

Actually, just copy on any device and paste on any other device :)

— Okay, but technically - how does it work?

Clipbrd runs in background, constantly monitoring your operating system clipboard for changes.

As soon as a change is detected, the content of the clipboard is encrypted and broadcasted to your other devices via our server.

Each device receives a copy of the clipboard, decrypts it and saves into operating system clipboard, so you could paste it from there.

— Does Clipbrd affect battery life of my phone/tablet?

No, you should not see any noticeable decrease in battery life.

Clipbrd is active only when you're actually using your device. When the screen is off, Clipbrd goes to sleep.

— Are photos/music/other files supported?

No, not at the moment.

Our top priority is to achieve the best user experience when working with small text snippets.

There's a lot of other great services that allow you to sync your photos, music and documents between your devices, e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive.

— Can I use Clipbrd outside of Google Chrome?


Clipbrd is a Google Chrome app, but it not limited to only working inside the Chrome window.

By default, Clipbrd will be running as a background app on your computer as long as Chrome itself is running.

— Isn't it an awful idea to send all my clipboards over the Internet?!

It's not as bad as it sounds :)

First, your clipboards are safely encrypted (with AES-256) on your device using your password (via PBKDF2).

So there's no way for anyone (including NSA or even the Clipbrd staff) to see the contents of your clipboards while they are being synchronized.

Second, currently we only send the first 1000 characters of your clipboard content, so it won't generate huge traffic.

According to HTTP Archive, the average Internet page size is 1411 kB (April 2013).

That means that visiting a single average web page generates almost the same amount of traffic as copying huge chunks of text into your clipboard every two seconds for an hour.

For those reasons, you probably shouldn't worry about it.

— Do you store clipboards on your servers?

Currently we do not store clipboards - we only transmit them from one of your devices to the rest of your devices.

However, this will likely change in future.

If one of your devices is offline at the moment of the sync, it won't receive the latest clipboard - even if the device was offline for just a moment.

For your convenience, in upcoming versions we're going to store the latest version of the clipboard for delayed synchronization. Encrypted, as usual.

— Will you open source Clipbrd?

We'll most definitely open source client applications in the near future, becase we understand the security implications of using Clipbrd.

For now, you can inspect the code of our Chrome app - it's not minified/obfuscated in any way, so you can relatively easily verify that our crypto stuff actually works :)